Priyabhishek Sharma is one of the familiar faces among the Indian Spiritual Authors. However; considering Priyabhishek Sharma solely as an author of Indian spiritual books will be an oversight.
Priyabhishek Sharma is a follower of advanced Kundalini Yoga Meditation for the last two decades. The Spiritual Author of India was trained by Three Himalayan Masters on different landmarks on this journey. The first was the Naga Guru belonging to the Aghora tradition, an accidental meeting with whom lit up the spiritual aspects of Priyabhishek Sharma. Then he learnt the Kriya Yoga Meditation as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda’s Yogada Satsang Society. A shakt Guru, Swami Akshobhyananda Shambahva, belonging to the Kamakhya Tradition taught him the Das Mahavidya method of chakra activation and kundalini awakening. The spiritual author of India found the Kriya Yoga Meditation and the practices of the Divine Mother School of the Kundalini activation not only complementing each other but working exceptionally well. Meditating for two decades with uncompromising dedication, one day he found his energy having suddenly burst up. All kind of new unexpected weird experiences started happening. At this point appears a Master who guides him to the higher dimensions of the consciousness. This Master belongs to the rare class of the previous generation’s enlightened Masters. Yogiraj Amarjyoti is an ageless Kriya Master whose body emits fragrance. He is the direct disciple of the Mahavatar Babaji. His age is a matter of hushed debate among the devotees. He has reached at the highest level of the Kriya Practices that he no longer needs to eat food or anything in order to survive. Spiritual author of India Priyabhishek Sharma is the author of three books. While spirituality has been his passion, he also excelled as an active academician. He holds a doctorate in International Relations from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. He published research papers extensively in leading foreign affairs journal of India the World Focus. His first book The Alliance without Enemy: A Post Cold War History of West is a maiden book on the nature of the Western Alliance in non-western space. Indian spiritual author Priyabhishek Sharma’s second book The UPSC Odyssey: Daring to Dream an IAS Officer is based on his own experience of the civil service preparation reaching up to the interview level. This book introduces the process of exam to students with insightful tips to be followed in the preliminary exam, the mains exam and the interview. In this book, he has tried to emphasize how the role of mind management remains pivotal in successfully clinching this fiercely competed exam. He has tried to assimilate the spiritual techniques learnt from the Himalayan Yogis with the practical needs of an aspirant’s life. The book moreover is a message that the exam gives you something far deeper for later life irrespective of the immediate result. The latest Indian spiritual book The Himalayan Master and the Sixth Sense by Indian spiritual author Priyabhishek Sharma is the latest contribution on the dozen-odd other such Indian spiritual books that shed light on the occult and meditational practices of Himalayan Masters from an insider’s view. It is a semi-autobiographical account of a university student of suddenly coming across the extrasensory perception (ESP) phenomenon due to meditation and the subsequent change of life towards the mysteries of the mind, meditation and monks. Priyabhishek Sharma as a spiritual author of India dedicates this book as the very purpose of his life has emerged as a result of his Masters’ grace. The person interested in spirituality and the lives and practices of the Himalayan Yogis must have read the Indian spiritual books like Autobiography of a Yogi, Living with the Himalayan Masters, The Journey Home, If Truth be Told, Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master, and A Search in Secret. The Himalayan Master and the Sixth Sense is latest among Indian spiritual books. Books like these do not appear from the textual studies in the libraries. One cannot become a spiritual author of Indian spiritual books. He has to live through the spirituality to become one among these Indian spiritual authors. One trait setting them together is their common quest to seek and wander around for the ultimate mystery of life. When the genuine quest becomes intense, then the Masters come seeking you and the other way around. Indian spiritual book The Himalayan Master and the Sixth Sense is an outcome of two maturing into a story. The spiritual author of India decadelong journey Priyabhishek Sharma has written this new collection among the Indian spiritual books to quote him is “not to achieve  but to awaken.”


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