Purpose of the Blog

This blog is dedicated to three Ms: Mind, Meditation and Monks. Success is a journey from a wavering mind to a focused mind. Meditation is a scientific technique to restore focus to the mind. Monkhood is a virtue of discipline and regularity that ensures success in meditation. The purpose of this blog is to make this journey simple and also practicable. This is a common complaint of the people that they want to meditate but can’t. I also hear the people say that they meditate but don’t find any results. Meditation is an art for the slow and steady walkers and not the sprinters. You need to remember the rule of fifteen minutes. Meditate every day just for fifteen minutes. Keep on doing it for six months, and see the changes. This blog sheds light on practical and sublime aspects of spirituality. In this blog I will take you along with the Himalayan Masters, their secrets, the spiritual places across the Himalayas, meditation for the daily life, scriptural wisdom from the Vedas and the Puranas and other such stories awakening you to your innate glory.
‘I write not to achieve but to awaken’
Priyabhishek Sharma

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