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    Dear Abhishek,

    I just finished your recent book. It is a good book. As you are already in advanced stage of spirituality, third prediction of Himalayan Yogiji is soon materialized in your life. I wish to suggest books Immortal Talks 1 and 2 by Shunya, full of Supreme Knowledge on Life and death. Please read if time permits. Thank you, All the best on your spiritual journey 😁🙏


    Dear Abhishek,

    Just finished reading your book. It will be too small of me to comment on it , it is indeed a very good book. It touches the issue every new age seekers are undergoing. Like it helped me , it will help many more to walk the path.
    Not as talented n motivated as you , myself in small way is also trying to walk the path. While effort from last 4-5 years have been medicore to say the best , I have now geared up to put my best effort. Your account of meeting mother divine is so touching , not a day goes when I don’t seek to find her grace . Thank you for helping us with your story.

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