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  • Naresh

    Namaskar ,
    I am told that navaksri mantra requires initiation from some guru .
    It is critical to recieve if one wants to do japa and anushatnik recitation of Durga saptashati .
    Could you pls elaborate more on that

  • Priyabhishek Sharma

    Naresh sir,
    Initiation means transference. So if one is blessed to have a guru actually capable of transfering energy along with the Navarana Mantra, then always the better.
    But if such guru is rare to find and still harder to identify, then the Sapsati and Navarana Mantras can also be done without initiation. Concieve Lord Shiva as your Guru in that case. Keep going. One day the Guru will find you.
    Thanking You

  • I am a follower of Neem Karoli baba.Please help me sir, I want his Darshan any which way possible. Please show me some light.

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